Let it Ride Poker

Among poker games that you can choose to play while online, Let it Ride Poker is one of the best choices you can make. The object of this game is to get a hand that contains at least a pair of tens or better, and the best thing about this game is that you donít play against the dealer. In this game there are three spaces available for you to place a bet, there is a circle with a $ sign in it, one with a 1 in it and one with a 2 in it. These are the three circles that you place your bet in, when you first start to play the game three equal bets in all three of the circles.

Once you have placed your bet you are dealt three cards, and the dealer receives two face down community cards, which will make up your final hand. After looking at the first three cards that you have a decision has to be made, you can either decide to ask for your first bet back ( the one in the circle with the 1 in it) or you can decide to let it ride if you think that your hand will end up being a winning hand. If you are still in the game after you have made your choice one of the dealers face down cards are turned up, this way you have a better chance to see how strong you hand will be. You are now given a chance to take your second bet back, if you think that you wonít be able to make a winning hand. If you still believe that your hand is going to be a winning one you can let this bet ride as well. Now the other face down community card is turned up and your hand is completed, if you now have a hand that consists of at least a pair of tens or better you win your bet or bets, if you donít have at least that then you lose what bets you have on the table and the game begins again.

The payouts for this game are really pretty good, and its easy to play so even if you arenít a regular poker player you can learn this game quickly and be ready the same day to play for real money online. All you have to do is find your favorite online casino and start playing. A good piece of advice is to play a couple of hands for practice before you play for real money and then deposit and start winning and having even more fun.