Omaha Poker

When looking at any given poker rooms one of the top couple of games that are marked as available you will always see Omaha Poker. This is because it is a very exciting game to play; it can lead to huge winnings depending on the pot or table limit and a player really ahs to have developed skills to play well. The rules of this game are a lot like the rules for the popular Texas Hold’em game, except for two differences; each player is dealt four pocket cards instead of two and each player must use one two of those hole cards and three community cards to make the winning hand.

In this game there can be up to ten players at the table. There is a dealer button used in this game and the main use for it is to tell who the dealer is and to help determine the betting order. The hands begin with two players posting blinds; this means that the players to the immediate left of the dealer place their bets before their cards are dealt. The first player posts the small blind, which is equal to half of the minimum bet and the second player posts the big blind which is equal to the whole amount of the minimum bet. As soon as the blinds are posted each player at the table is dealt four cards face down (known as the hole cards or the pocket cards). This is when the first round of betting happens, bets and raises in the first two rounds are limited to the minimum bet and in the last two rounds the bets are equal to the maximum bet.

One rule is that the total amount of money wagered in each round of betting can not exceed the initial bet in a round four times- which means 1 bet and 3 raises. After the first round of betting the Flop is laid out on the table, these are the first three community cards. After this happens a round of betting takes place followed by the Turn being laid out on the table. The Turn is the fourth community card in the game which is of course followed by another round of betting. The River is now turned over which is the fifth and final community card. Now the final round of betting takes place after which the showdown comes. At the showdown the player with the best hand wins the pot.

This game is very fun and with the extra two community cards it makes it a whole lot easier to get a winning hand. There are a lot of strategies that go along with this game; the main thing to remember is to keep a hand only if you think that you are going to beat your opponents because this can be a costly game if you are trying to bluff. It is easier to bluff online but you still must think about how to bet and when to stay in the game and when to fold out graciously.