Poker Hands

Perhaps the first thing that you have to know when you are ready to play poker online or in person is the winning hands. Now most poker games are based on the standard winning five card poker hands. The highest ranking hand that you can get while playing without wild cards is a Royal Flush, this consists of the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of all one suit. The only way that anyone can beat this hand is if the game includes wild cards and someone gets Five of a Kind which is as it sounds five cards of the same numerical value.

The next hand is called the Straight Flush, this is when there are five cards in a hand that are all the same suit and are in order numerically, for example J,10,9,8,7 of Clubs. Next up is the Four of a Kind; this means that you have four of one card in your hand like four 6’s and an extra card of any value. The Full House is the next in line, this hand consists of a Three of a Kind and a Pair, which means that there are three of the same valued card in your hand as well as two different cards of the same value, like 8, 8,8,4,4. The Flush follows the Full House; a Flush is when you have all five cards in your hand that are the same suit, like 5 diamonds.

Under the Flush is the Straight, this is when the cards in the hand are in order numerically and the suit doesn’t matter. Next in the line up is a Three of a Kind, which is three cards of the same value in one hand, with two unimportant cards as kickers. In the next spot comes Two Pair, which is exactly what it sounds like two pairs of two cards that are the same in value with an extra kicker card. One Pair is next and it consists of one pair of cards of the same value and three other cards. The lowest ranking hand in the game of poker is called the High Card, this is not a popular hand to win with and it doesn’t happen all that much, this is where someone counts on the highest card in their hand to beat their competition.

Make sure that you know all about the hand rankings before you start to play any of the games that you are looking into because a majority of the games you can play online are based on a winning five card hand. If you simply follow the list above you will be well on your way to learning how to be a great poker player. Now all you have to do is find the poker room of your choice and decide on your favorite game.