Poker Lingo

Understanding Poker Lingo is the key to understanding the game, if you are going to be in on the action of the game then you are going to have to know what people are talking about. Because even online now there is chat available and if other people are talking about the game in poker lingo then you donít want to feel like they are speaking a foreign language. Some of the basic things that you will here early in the game include things like Ante; which is the money you put into the pot before any player cards are dealt: a Bankroll is the total amount of money you have to play with: Bluffing is making everyone think you have a better hand than you actually do. Some of the others will be put in a list below for you.

Call - To match the last bet made.

Check - Choosing not to bet, but to see what the other players at the table will do.

Community Cards - Cards that are dealt onto the table for all players to use like in Texas Holdíem.

Fold - To throw away your hand or to quit the game because you donít think your hand is good enough to win.

High Card - This is any card with a value of 9 or higher.

Hole Cards - These are cards that are kept in your hand and not shown to other players, these are cards used in conjunction with community cards.

Raise - To raise the bet that another player at the game has placed.

Nuts - The best hand you can get during that round of play.

Pot - The total amount of money being bet in a game, available for the players to win.

These few terms will get you started well on your way to being an experienced poker player. Once you have mastered these you can fit in on any poker game and not feel like you are speaking the wrong language. The basics of poker are basically described above, once you learn them you will have a pretty good grasp on the game and how to talk about it.