Poker Rules

Knowing the rules of poker will help you to understand what is going on in the game that you are playing. The rules are the basic building blocks of any game, to play successfully you must understand every aspect of the rules of the game. The rules for each game are very different so you must make sure that you know which game you want to play and make sure that you keep them separate in your mind.

For example in Texas Hold’em the rules are that you are to make your bet. If you happen to be in one of the two positions to the left of the dealer you have to post what are called the big and small blind. The player to the immediate left of the dealer has to post the big blind which equals exactly the minimum bet in the game and the next player has to place the small blind which is half of the minimum bet for the game, doing this makes sure that there is something to play for in the game. Then each player at the table is dealt two cards face down. After a round of betting, the Flop is laid out on the table. The Flop is the first three community cards that are laid out. These cards are what you use to make your ending hand, which is the highest five card hand you can make. After another round of betting the Turn is laid out on the table, then the final round of betting takes place. After the final round of betting the River is laid out on the table which determines the winner. Whoever has the best five card poker hand wins the game.

Now if you are going to play in a poker room that offers one on one poker you can play something like 5 card draw poker you would have to follow the following rules. You place your ante into the pot which is what keeps the game going, following that you and all of the other players at the table are dealt five cards. You look at your cards and decide which ones you think will make your best five card poker hand and then discard the ones your would like to replace. You are then dealt cards to replace the ones that you discarded you make one final bet and then everyone lays down their cards and the winner is decided. So you can see that the rules are very different and you must know the difference or else you will end up in a big bind. For all of the rules to all of the different types of poker games keep looking around our site and find the rules to everything you will need to know, no matter what you game you are playing you will be ready to play and win real money the first time out. The easy navigation will lead you right to the rules you are looking for.