Poker Strategies

There are many different poker strategies out there that will tell you that they will win you money every time. Here is the truth, there are a lot of great strategies that will win money a good part of the time but as you hopefully know poker, of all kinds, is a game of chance, so unless you do the unthinkable and cheat you will not win every time. However being a game of chance is part of the appeal of the game and if you follow some of the good strategies you will have a good chance of winning some serious money while having a good time.

Now as stated before there are a lot of different strategies that are out there because there are many different games you can play. For example a good strategy for Let it Ride Poker is to pull out the first and/or second bet if you donít have anything higher ranking than a pair of tens because that is the lowest winning hand possible. Now this is only a short example of what is out there but it is simple and easy to follow, of course to understand this you have to know the rules of the game. Now if you are playing Texas Holdíem then you will play very differently, the main strategy that you need to follow is what you would call a pre-flop strategy. This means after you get your two hole cards and look at them before the Flop is laid out on the table.

There is a strategy that tells you to either fold or stay in the game depending on what you have in your hand. In 7 Card Stud there are strategies that tell you what to do by the cards that you hold, if you look into the different strategies available for all of your favorite poker games you be sure to have an edge that many other players donít have.