Red Dog Poker

Red Dog Poker is a very easy game to play, it is also known as things like Acey-Deucey and In-Betweens. Although this game is relatively hard to find in a land based casino, it is very common online and very fun to play. It can be played with one or several standard decks of 52 cards; the table layout is a semicircular table a lot like the used in Blackjack. There are two spaces on the table that you can bet on the ‘bet’ spot and the ‘raise’ spot. The first thing a player should know is the card values each card from 2-10 are face value, a Jack counts as 11, a Queen counts as 12, a King counts as 13 and the Ace counts as a 14.

Now to start the game off each player makes their wager on the betting spot, and then the dealer ill place two cards face up. Now if the cards dealt were consecutive the game would be over and all of the players would get their bets back. If the two cards that are face up are a pair, there is a third card dealt and if that hand ends up being a three of a card all players win 11 to 1 odds, otherwise the hand is a push. Now if the face up cards are neither consecutive or a pair the dealer will announce two things, the spread and the odds that apply to that specific spread. The spread is the number of card values that are in between the first two cards. So for example the spread between 4 and 8 is three, because there are three cards that can go in between the two cards. The higher the spread there is in the game the higher the chances of the player winning the game.

The object of the game at this point is to bet on the likelihood that the third card dealt will fall within the spread, when this happens the player wins an amount according to the odds on that spread. Based on the number of the spread and what the odds are it is up to the player whether they would like to raise their bet, which means they are doubling their original bet. This is very similar to a game that players might have enjoyed as children without the money, however when you play Red Dog at your favorite casino with the odds, you can end up walking away with a good chuck of money. The game is addictive (in a good way) and fun just come in and get ready to win a lot of money.