Three Card Poker

In Three Card Poker there are two different games that can be played, one is called Pair Plus and the other is called Ante and Play, the player has to bet on at least one of the games. Pair Plus Three Card Poker is very simple, the dealers hand is in no way involved and there is no raising or discarding all you have to do is see what comes up in your hand and see if you win. The lowest winning hand is a pair of course then, comes the Flush, the Straight, the Three of a Kind and the Straight Flush.

The other game that is going on, Ante and Play begins with a bet on the ante. After the player takes a look at their three cards that are dealt to them, they may do one of two things, first of all raise by putting an equal bet on the play or fold and lose the ante bet. One thing to remember is that if the player folds the player also loses the Pair Plus if one is made. The bet is not really any sacrifice because if the Pair Plus bet paid anything the player really shouldnít fold because one of their bets has already been won.

Now if the player decides to raise, then they must go against the dealers hand, the dealer must have a least a queen high to qualify to play. If the dealer doesnít qualify the ante wins and the play bet is returned, if the dealer does qualify but is beaten by the player both the play bet and the ante bet win 1 to 1 odds, if the player loses to the dealer each bet is lost. In addition to these two games there is also an Extra Bonus on the Ante Bet that doesnít depend on the dealers hand at all. If they take this bet and get a straight they are paid 1 to 1 odds, a three of a kind gets 4 to 1 odds, and a straight flush gets paid 5 to 1 odds, this is great way to earn extra money without having to worry about the dealerís hand.

This isnít one of the easiest games to learn how to play, it does sound difficult if you have never seen it played. For the first time it would be a smart idea to play this game in the practice mode so you can see the game played through all aspects and then play for real money, it can be a very profitable game. Once you learn the rules and the way the game works it can quickly become an all time favorite.